Pictures of Soldiers at Fort Jackson

The moment when I first saw pictures of her. When I saw, her, I KNEW she was okay. There were of course some basic training pictures taken where she didn’t look 100% happy, where you could tell she was tired, or cold, but she is strong, and she was there, and she was healthy… and I could see her. With that thought in mind, it doesn’t surprise me at all that one of the first questions asked by new families that join my groups on Facebook, or visit this website is… “Where do I find pictures of soldiers at Fort Jackson?” If you find yourself here in search of pictures of Fort Jackson basic training, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t actually have any photographs for you, or any photographers for that matter. But, boy oh boy do we know where to find them!

Fort Jackson Facebook Pages

There are three places for families and friends of Ft. Jackson soldiers to look for pictures. The first place is on the Facebook page for each individual unit. Not every unit or Battalion has one, they’re a bonus that commanders provide in their own spare time, so if your unit has one, be sure to remember to appreciate the hellllluurr out of them for updating it. We have a list of Ft. Jackson Mailing addresses and Company Facebook pages here.

Unit Group Pages at Ft. Jackson on Facebook

The next place you may find pictures are in cycle-specific Facebook Groups. Some of the commanders, and very often the families of soldiers at Ft. Jackson create private Facebook groups where photos and information about training activities is shared with families. Since these change all the time, I don’t post them here, however, you’re welcome to post them in the comments for others as you find them. Aside from that, just searching Facebook should produce any available groups. The last, and probably the most fruitful place you’re going to look for pictures of the soldiers in training at Fort Jackson is at Fort Jackson Photography, an independent photography company with access to all of the training exercises that go on on base. Fort Jackson Photography Navigating the Fort Jackson photography website can be a bit confusing at first, so we’ve created a bit of a tutorial for you. First, visit the Fort Jackson Photography website by clicking HERE. On that page you will see a drop-down menu with a tiny  arrow pointing down. Click on that tiny little arrow. Next, a menu will appear below with a list of every company and unit in training on Ft. Jackson. fort-jackson-photographyChoose your soldiers unit from the list. For the sake of example, let’s say your soldier is in the Echo Company of the 1 /34th Infantry Battalion. You’re going to want to choose e134 from the list of choices. The e is for the Echo Company; the then the 1/34. There will oftentimes be other choices in the list, for instance, that your soldier is in A134; you’re looking at the list and you see A134 followed by something like A134_20130825. You want the simple option; just A134; the numbers that follow the A134 are a graduation date. choosing--the-unitYour soldier has not graduated; you do not want to choose a group with an underscore and a bunch of numbers behind it. You just want the company letter, and the unit, period. Once you have chosen your soldier’s unit, you will find a list of links. This is actually a list of activities that your soldier’s unit has participated in. If a number, such as,  01, 02 or 03, etc. appears before the name of the activity, you can skip those links.  Those numbers are put there after the last set of pictures are posted from the group before. So, the links that look like the ones in the example image here are pictures left over from the previous cycle. We’ve created  an image for you here where you’ll find we’ve circled the current pictures. When you’re looking for pictures of your soldier, look for something similar to these. by
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