Fort Jackson Address and Sending Mail

There’s no way of knowing your soldier’s mailing Fort Jackson address until after they’ve arrived on base and received it themselves. In most cases, the address, and instructions for addressing mail to soldiers on the S.C. base will come in the mail.

In some cases, soldiers are able to relay address information to their families on the telephone during that prescripted phone call home when they’re given a minute or so to tell their families that they’re safe.

If your soldier knows what unit they've been assigned to, and they're able to tell you, you can look at the following list of units and address information.

In the best scenario, soldiers that are stuck in reception for a few days are sometimes allowed to keep their cell phones, and are able to give their parents their new address on the base before they’re even picked up by their units. That’s the best!

fort jackson address

Whether or not you have the address, Write… Write… WRITE!

As soon as you've dried your eyes (the first time) from seeing your solider off on their journey to basic training at Fort Jackson, begin writing letters. Even if you don’t yet have an address to mail them to, start writing. Write at least one letter every single day. They’re going to need them during those first few weeks at training. They’re grueling days. They’ll need you to keep them focused on the very near future. Remind them that on Sunday they get some time to themselves, get them focusing on Sundays. There are church services, and free time on Sundays.

If they focus just on graduation, it seems like many of them feel like they just cannot make it that far. Graduation is WEEKS away, and their tired, worn out, and lonely.

Mailing Labels

When you do finally get that first letter from them, or a call with an address, or however you get it, once you have that Fort Jackson address in your hand, if I can give you a small piece of advice, run, don’t walk to the post office, and get those letters in the mail.

Before you do that however, it’s a good idea to visit vista print, or any other site online where you can order labels and stamps and things like that, and get some labels made. Keep some for yourself, and send a few sheets to your solider too.

Address labels are a cheap easy method to get that tricky address onto those envelopes without messing it up J. Even more importantly, your soldier can use them too! So you can send him/her some labels with their address on them, and some with yours. We happened to get some free for making a donation to a charity, so my own soldier girl left for BCT with some very lovely froggy style mailing labels for home.

By the way, if you’re good at using Avery products, and you can make your own labels, by all means, do that instead if it saves you cash!

How long does it take mail to get to and from Fort Jackson?

It can seem like it takes just plain forever to get mail to your solider or from your soldier while they’re at Fort Jackson. Here’s a quote from the base about the time it takes to distribute mail.

Please remember this [Fort Jackson] is a large base and it will take time to get mail to your soldiers. Don't be alarmed if others seem to get more mail more frequently then you. These soldiers train hard, long hours, and most probably have showers and sleep on their mind at the end of the day. Just remember each soldier adjusts and handles this new change differently, so it will vary over how much mail you get. All I can recommend is no matter what write, write, write, the soldiers live for mail more than anything else!

Also please understand that while frustrating there is a 4 step process that gets not only our battalions mail to us but all the BCT battalion on base which is roughly 13,000 pieces of mail. From start to finish of the mail process from the post office, to the brigade, to the battalions, and then to the companies to pass out to the platoons this is anywhere from a 3-5 day process. As the weeks go on mail will start to flow in a more fluid manner. Also DSs do not and cannot hold the soldiers mail it is a Federal Offense, so please do not think this is the case when it takes a while for your mail to make it to you soldier.

Federal holidays will also of course interrupt and delay mail service, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and any other day that the post office is closed.

Here’s a little excerpt from the Fort Leonard Wood Facebook Page:

Your soldier probably doesn't realize this delay, so be sure to fill them in so they don’t feel abandoned!

Addressing Letters to Ft. Jackson Soldiers in Basic Training

Letters are addressed like this:

PVT Doe, Jane R.
(PLT#) PLT (Company) Co X/XXth INF REGT
XXXX Jackson Blvd
Fort Jackson, SC 29207-6100

Fort Jackson Zip Code

The zip code at Fort Jackson is 29207-6100. That’s the same for every solider in basic training.

So to send mail to a Ft. Jackson soldier you’ll need:

  • Your soldiers platoon, usually 1, 2 or 3.
  • The company that soldier’s in company; this is usually just a letter, like A Co or B. Co.

Your soldier’s battalion. This will look like a fraction and be one of the below:

-        Just the fraction is used on the envelope, so 2/13th INF REGT in example

  • Now you just need the actual address on Jackson Blvd, the state, and Zip, and you’re all set to mail a letter!

What if I don't Get my Soldiers Address?

After you've waited two weeks, if you still haven't heard from your SIT (Soldier in Training) and received their new mailing address at Fort Jackson, there's a number you can call.

Fort Jackson Installation Operations Center
(803) 751-7671
You will need:
Soldiers Social Security Number
Full Name of Soldier

The Installation Operations Center will provide you with your soldiers battalion and regiment, which you can use to find the Facebook page of that group, and drill your way down to a mailing address for your soldier. If you still need help, comment on this page, and we'll direct you to a world full of helpfulness :).

Letters from Students and other Community Members

I’m kind of crazy when it comes to making sure my kiddo’s have mail. I carry a notebook with me, everywhere I go. I also carry in my folder, envelopes, and stationary some fancy stamps, and a couple pretty pens.  This way if I see friends of my kids, or people who might not normally sit down and pen a letter; I can offer them a chance to write a quick note to my solider.

Teachers may also offer their classrooms services as temporary pen pals!


    Thank you so much for the information…so helpful!! I do not have facebook. My daughter’s call was cut off and I did not get the complete address. I really want to make sure she gets her mail. Please let me know the best way to get her exact address. Thank you so much. A WORRIED MOM

  • Mary k.Weis Vigil

    I nerd medical records sent to my address please is there a way u could do that? Soldier name is Mary Katherine Weis 22491 De Berry Street Grand Terrace California 92313 thank you

    • Cathy Roberts

      Call the base or the Red Cross Mary. This is not an official website.

      • Mary k.Weis Vigil

        I need the number to the base,how do I get it?

        • Cathy Roberts

          Here’s what I googled, let me know if it isn’t the right one okay.

          (803) 783-5347

          Fort Jackson, Phone

        • Cathy Roberts

          Actually, ths should work perfectly as a starting place for you:
          Fort Jackson Installation Operations Center(803) 751-7671
          You will need:
          Soldiers Social Security Number
          Full Name of Soldier

        • Mary k.Weis Vigil


  • Megan

    Hello, thank you for all of the information! Maybe you can help me, I received a letter from my boyfriend who arrived at Ft. Jackson a few weeks ago. In it he included his address, but I didn’t notice until after I had already sent off my replies that the return address was different from the one he gave me. The one I was given did not include a platoon number, and so I’m concerned he won’t get it. Do you think that will be an issue?
    Thanks again!

  • Alyssa Nelson

    My boyfriend is at Fort Jackson for Basic Training. He left about a month ago. A few days ago he contacted me and told me to send him a lot of letters. I asked him how I do that because I don’t know the address or anything, but he hasn’t responded. I would like to find out but I don’t know his social security number so I can’t call to get that information. Help??

  • Kalie Mendonca

    My soldier is completing his second week at basics, but he was informed the first week he was there was not included in the training time. (He had his phone during this time) we still haven’t got a letter or call with his address. We called the office and they told us we could not get it until 4 weeks in. Is there anyway we can get it sooner?

    • Cathy Roberts

      He will call you with his mailing address when he’s able or he’ll mail it to you. Keep a ppen by the phone just in case! If you don’t understand the address, post in the new forum and one of our ever-so-loyal members will help you decipher it 😀

      • Kalie Mendonca

        He already got his phone call when he arrived basics. Is this normal to this far in and still not having the address? Sorry for all the questions I just don’t want to go to long with out him getting letters.

        • Sylvia J Todd

          I just used the above information and was able to get a hold of my son’s address (who also began a few weeks ago)
          In case you haven’t got it yet- this is my first time on here. I would try the number above and ask for them to direct you. Also, if you know what group he is in you can go here, too for information:
          Hope it helps! Keep strong!

  • Gillian Andrews

    Hi, this will sound like a very odd question. I’m a caseworker at a substance abuse rehabilitation facility. One of my clients has a son in Army basic training right now but she is not sure where and can’t call him. Is there any way to find his mailing address so she can send him a letter? Thank you in advance!

    • Cathy Roberts

      Fort Jackson Installation Operations Center(803) 751-7671
      She will need:
      Soldiers Social Security Number
      Full Name of Soldier