Fort Jackson 3/34 Infantry Battalion

3/34 Infantry Battalion - Updated May 2013

The following information is for families and friends with soldiers based at Fort Jackson in the 3/34 Infantry Battalion.  There are two main Facebook Addresses for the 3/34th the first is of course our unofficial Fort Jackson Friends and Family Facebook Page. There’s a good chance that page is how you found this one in the first place.

Below you’ll find a little bit of info for each unit in the 3/34th, as well as each individual unit’s Facebook page. Be sure you bookmark this page before you go getting excited and following all of these new links, or you just might lose us.

Then at the bottom of this page, we’ll share with you the link to the official 3/34th Battalion Facebook Page. Finally, we’ll share some valuable information on where to find pictures of your recruit, planning for family day visitation, and getting yourself all ready for graduation ceremonies, of which there will be two. Remember when you do book your flights and hotel for graduation to do so using the links on this page; it’s what keeps the page hosted online.

Keep in mind that things change every cycle, we’ve listed the most recent information here, however things like the Platoon name can change every cycle. We’ll try to change here, but just in case we miss it, please do comment any edits!

1/34 Infantry Battalion

Battalion Facebook

Alpha Company

PLATOON NUMBER *(1, 2, 3, or 4) example- VIPERS - 4TH PLT
A Co 1/34 INF 165 BDE
BLDG 12000
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Facebook Page

Bravo Company

RANK, Last name, First name
B Co 1-34th IN BN
Platoon number, Platoon Name
12000 Dixie Rd
Fort Jackson SC, 29207

Facebook Page

Platoon Names:

1st Plt is the "Wolfpack"
2nd Plt is the "Mad Dawgs"
3rd Plt is the "Renegades"
4th Plt are the "Punishers"

Platoon names are subject to change with each and every cycle. If you notice anything on this page has changes since we last posted it, please comment below, and leave a link to where you found the new information for verification.

Charlie Company

Rank, Last name, First name
Platoon #, Platoon Name (if you have them)
C/1-34 IN REGT, 12000 Dixie Road
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Facebook Page

Delta Company

Mailing Address:
Rank (Name) Last, First MI
Platoon # Platoon Name
D Company 1-34 INF REGT
165th IN BDE
1200 Dixie Rd
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207

D Company Platoons:

1st – Hell Hounds
2nd -  Pit Bulls
3rd - War Dawgs
4th - Bull  Dawgs

Facebook Page

Echo Company

Mailing Address:

Soldier Rank, Soldier Last name, First
Echo Company, 1-34th IN REGT
#Platoon Name (4th Platoon,  Knight Ryders - In example)
BLDG 12000 Dixie RD
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

Facebook Page

Foxtrot Company

PVT Last name, First & middle initial
F. Company 1/34th IN
__________ Platoon
12000 Dixie Rd
Fort Jackson, SC

Facebook Page

The main Facebook page for the 1/34 Infantry Battalion can be found here. The Facebook page for Fort Jackson photography is located here; and lastly, remember to visit us at Fort Jackson Friends and Family.

As you can see, I still have some blanks to fill in here! Please feel free to send me comments! Much appreciated! 😀

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  • Marian Brown

    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with this much useful information. I notice that there is a photography page but no link was added. Also, how often are the pictures uploaded/updated?

  • Ann Strong

    trying to download the right address. My grandson is there.
    Joshua Mijares Bravo Co, 3rd Batillion, 34th INF, 165th BDE
    3rd platoon “Spartans”. Please let me know where or what i need to add your site while he is there.
    Thank you for your time,
    Albert Lombardo